a weekend project: crown moulding

(a project like this feels like the finishing touches, especially when the house used to look like this crazy mess and this!)

this past weekend, devin and i put up crown moulding in the living room and dining room. and when i say "devin and i," i mean....devin did all the precise measurements and angle-calculating and recutting and then i handed him things. 

he DID show me how to use the nail gun and i DID get to go around and add extra nails to the pieces that were in place but needed more support.  

it was really fun to work together on this. we played country (devin's choice), tay sweezy's new album (my choice), and lecrae's cd gravity (also my choice), and between my stellar dance moves and his persnickety impressions of me it was a really great time. (which CAN'T be said of us in the kitchen...both of us cooking together is a huge disaster. but apparently doing trim together is fine.)

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