what were your favorite teachers like?

a random picture unrelated to this post: this is afternoon sunshine was my view from my train on the way home one day after school. 

my favorite teacher was my spanish teacher in high school, the one i had for spanish 4 and AP spanish (i was an overachiever, i know). she was bright and always kept the class moving from one activity to the next, with seamless transitions and effective feedback. she told funny stories about her kids and places she'd been, and the level of energy she brought to every creative lesson was impressive!!

in having my own classroom now, i'm realizing just how much work must have gone into being such an effective teacher. preparing engaging activities, having the supplies necessary, and being able to quickly move students from writing homework answers on the board to voting (clapping v. stomping) if they thought the verb was ser or estar. 

so, as i really strive to be a great teacher, like my spanish teacher was (and is! my sister has her now for AP spanish!), i want to hear from you: who was your favorite teacher, and what made them your favorite?

(also, feel free to reminisce about fun things you did during any high school class--i'd love your ideas for lessons/activities!)

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