fall in philly

thank the good lawwwwd for online grading systems, spicy doritos, and messy buns at the end of the day.

oh, and also for fall. 

although i'm lacking pictures of everything, might i recommend for my Philly-area friends...

this center city tavern has adorable outdoor seating and unlike a lot of restaurants with confusing, novel-length menus, this place had a simple one sided menu chock full of things, and another whole menu for all their craft beers (if you're into that sorta thing). 

merrymead farm's cornmaze!
hint: if you're doing the cornmaze at night, bundle up and bring flashlights. a sweater and longsleeve is notttt enough and then you'll look like you're freezing (because you are) and people (like my mother-in-law) will offer you their jackets but you'll have to decline (because you're trying to be tough.) also excuse this super-grainy-night-time pic!

keswick village's fall fest

a picnic on kelly drive
but i recommend this in almost every season. it's right on the schuykill river, and the trees and bike path (with free parking, every so often along the trail) make it perfect for a sunday afternoon picnic. 

what are your favorite things to do in your area during fall? 


  1. Too bad that I am leaving the area soon, I would love to check out your suggestions! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year :).

  2. I love fall too! And it was amazing to see you the other day--I'll be posting that picture of us soon (with a shoutout to all those pretty Philly pics and all your other awesome adventures on your blog!)

  3. so i'm obviously stalking your blog lol but i just had to tell you i LOVE the new design!

  4. Aww thanks! Haha does it look like hours spent on picmonkey trying stuff out bc I'm too cheap to pay someone? :) your encouragement means a lot btw haha

  5. bahaha! it looks awesome! so cool that you did it yourself! :) i did mine too and it took hours....but ya know i didn't pay a dime!!

  6. Whaaat? I thought you must have had a graphic designer do yours bc it looks so good! I'm impressed. (Insert fist bump here).