hola, me llamo señora hood

i have a job. a real life, grown-up, has-benefits job, in a position i never pictured myself in. 

i graduated from arcadia with a degree in english and secondary education, and i spent all summer applying for middle and high school english positions. final score, i think i sent out about 22 applications and was waiting on God in this uncertainty

and then, a friend of the family told me to apply to her private school where she taught, and they offered me a 4th grade teaching job, which i'm not certified for but took because i had nothing else.

when i took that job, i cried. a lot. so much so that my husband probably thought i'd never regain my sanity, as i sat in the backyard burning sticks in our firepit and talking (out loud! like a psycho!) to Jesus with burning tears streaming down my face. it just didn't feel right. 4Thgrade?

but, in a moment that felt like i was throwing away my future, i decided i'd follow Jesus no matter where he led me. (Psalm 25, ya know?)

before i could even sign a contract with the school, i had an interview with a Christian school in downtown philly.

an interview, but not for an english teacher position.

spanish teacher.

my favorite subject in high school, a language that i've always loved, and something i didn't have time to officially major in in college.

i've alwayyyys loved spanish, and this is an absolute perfect fit.

now, my days are filled with "saquen el libro," "¿tiene pregunta?" and fun activities to practice vocab....instead of collecting essays that would take forever to grade. every day, especially those first two weeks, i get such a rush getting off the train in center city, and as i walk the few blocks to my school my heart soars. the days end, but my thoughts are racing about what fun things i'll do with my classes tomorrow. my heart is filled with so much joy. 

it's almost like taking that 4th grade job (for like half a minute) was laying down my isaac. it's like i was saying to Jesus, ok i'll sacrifice my dream of teaching english and i'll trust you....and then in a few days, that ram-in-the-thicket spanish job appeared and suddenly i was grateful for something that wasn't 4th grade but was high school. and, as it turns out, this just might be better than teaching english :)


  1. that is so awesome! and how lucky are you that your job brings you so much JOY!

  2. Yeah, it really has been a blessing (altho I'm sure my freshfaced, newb outlook will wear off...but hopefully not! Haha)