weekend recap

this past weekend, devin and i were supposed to go to the jersey shore, but we opted to stay home and do other stuff on account of my ankle cut that got all it's stitches removed but still isn't all the way healed (my doctor was all, it's up to youuu but the ocean is full of bacteria. plus there's sand. plus there's the sun.) so, we decided to skip the risk of an ankle infection and the risk of having a lot of fun down the shore.

whining, over.

instead, we went chip and putting (like mini golf, but longer? and we had coupons!), went to the local pool, went out to dinner....and we had a great time.

even though the beach didn't work out, we enjoyed the sunshine in good ol' PA. 
if you could have taken a weekend trip, where would you have gone? 
and how was youuur weekend, friends? 

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