how to: cropping photos into a circle

i might just be realllllly late to the game on this one, but i just figured out how to crop my pictures into a circle on {can you guess it?} my favorite website, p i c m o n k e y.

1.      on the picmonkey homepage, click on the icon that says "edit" and upload a picture.

 2.     on the left, click on the first tool (the crop sign) and of those options, hit "crop" and then of the options          in the crop dropdown menu, click "square" and "apply." {you may need to make the square smaller          than the crop square that is given so that you end up with a perfect circle}

3.     next, go to the frames option on the left side and click "rounded corners." max out the corner radius,             and if you're blogging, make the corners transparent by checking the box. once you've done that, click           "apply."

and that's it! the save button at the top will give you some options for what size to save the file, but then you're done. :)

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