weekend recap {a day late}

this past weekend, devin and i hosted my graduation party (which was mostly extended family). because of my a n k l e   i n j u r y, i was pretty limpy in the set-up part, which left poor devin to clean up and mow the yard. we grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, and we played ladderball, kan jam, and horshoes (does anyone else like yard games? because i do, and can't help but get really competitive...). we relaxed, ate food, and enjoyed the sunshine (after a long week of rain!). 

 {my sister lisa and i in our summer florals}

devin and i took separate cars to church on sunday because i had to be there early for worship team practice, so we {obviously} took separate cars home. when i arrived home, i found devin on our front porch, guiltily holding a piece of chalk and giving my a funny little smile. his masterpiece:

now our mailman probably things we have marital issues. or that i am an unshowered  nerd. either way, i laughed really hard when i saw that. you might be skeptical of our {devin's} sanity and our sense of humor, but i think this is the perfect example of how our marriage goes. as we told our sunday school class the other day, i tried to make devin smell my sweaty, a-week-unshaven armpit and he in turn made me lick the floor. {#thirdyearofmarriage, am i right}

my sister lisa and i, besides stopping to pose for grad party selfies, also went thrift shopping on sunday afternoon. these wild prints are some of the things we tried on in our search for summer clothes. i paid $7 for a pair of white skinny jeans that still had the tags on them, and $2 for a forever21 skirt. just sayin.

how did your weekend go? 

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