creation, or a bunch of hot and sweaty kids who love Jesus

on wednesday, my sister lisa and i leave for creation, a 4-day christian music festival where you get to camp out and go nuts for some of the best Jesus-crazed musicians out there (like hillsong young and free, switchfoot, and those aged newsboys!)

this sisters trip will be my second time at creation. the first? my best friends from youth group went to creation '09 (OH NINE, FOLKS. LOOK HOW LITTLE I AM IN THESE PICS). i drove the three hours to and from no-wheres-ville (mount union) PA, and looking at that picture of me behind the wheel really freaks me out. i look like a 12-year-old pretending to drive her mom's minivan.

also notice the glow our faces have? that's from the pumped-up enthusiasm of watching relient k and stellar kart play live! (or it's from the 97% humidity that was paired with 85 degrees...)

i'm so happy to go with my sister this year, but her excitement far outweighs my own. she has time to keep up with all the new christian music, and she wants to major in music business in college, and she plays like 4 instruments, and she's 16 (like i was last time)....but now i'm 22 and i feel tired and achy just looking at those sweaty crowds of teens. 

i'm getting old, guys.  

but i'll let you know how it goes. 

(let's hope my torn up ankle doesn't keep me from dancing like a fool next to lisa at the nightly raves. that's right. there are nightly dance parties that my old self kinda wants to go to.)


  1. I fully appreciate that there are TWO pix of REILLY playing up on that main stage :) love!

  2. Yeah, I loved seeing them at creation! Sad they weren't there this year. Are they off doing real life things? Last I heard the one couple had a baby...