two years of marriage: an anniversary post

dear devin,

i'm so glad that three years ago you proposed to me, and two years ago you said "i do"! it makes me feel old to admit that we've been married for two whole years, but on the other hand, i feel like these past two years have flown by.

remember when our marriage was only a few minutes/hours old?

you've taught me what selflessness looks like--when i was sick our first christmas together and you took care of me, and then when i was sick right before our second christmas together...and now that i'm stuck here in bed with a stitched up ankle and crutches, you've selflessly jumped up to get me water/snacks/healthy snacks/real food/etc. also thanks for re-wrapping my ankle bandage at 2 am last night...

you're so christlike, in how you apologize first (even when i still have a hard heart and bad attitude!), offer true forgiveness, and make time for God's word in spite of a hectic schedule or busy day.

you've also taught me more what following Jesus in daily life looks like. when work gets monotonous, stressful, or frustrating and you're tempted to complain, you always turn it around and talk about God's goodness in providing you with a good job, or how you aren't really working for a foreman but for God.

and you are absolutely my best friend. our dorky humor (because admit it! i'm not the only dork in this relationship!!) has led to some pretty ridiculous jokes, like our "welcome to the second year of marriage" phrase that got attached to various behaviors the day after our one-year anniversary (i.e. my not shaving my legs on a regular basis, or you leaving your STANK workboots laying around in our bedroom). God has obviously had his hand on our relationship, because somehow i ended up with the only person on this planet whose farts smell worse than mine.

this past year has been filled with a 5k, long hikes, both our 22nd birthdays, my college graduation, and a whole lot of weird selfies (pictures below).

i can't wait to see how God continues to make us more like him in this upcoming year! and here's to another 68 years of adventure-filled marriage with you, my best friend.

yours truly,


  1. wahoo!!! 2012 was a great year to get married ;)

    1. amen to that! :) p.s. i checked out your wedding page and i LOVE your dress + bridesmaids dresses!

  2. Our 2 year is coming up too! Congrats :) Love to see all the lessons you have learned!

  3. yay! that's so exciting! (early) congrats to you too :)