a dropped mirror + some stitches

happy friday, folks!

this week has been crazy and at-a-standstill-slow, all thanks to my dropping a mirror at work on monday morning.

the crazy part:

i was moving mirror and when i went to set it down, it caught on something, fell, shattered, and sliced my ankle open pretty deeply. luckily, my coworker was nearby and heard my screaming. he ran to my side, calmly tied his belt around my thigh and my shoelace around my calf in an attempt to slow the bleeding. and what quick thinking! meanwhile i was hyperventilating and puking and trying not to look at the pools of blood around me...my boss and his boss showed up within minutes (thanks to my coworker's quick phone call!) and used gauze and A LOT OF PAINFUL PRESSURE to stop the bleeding, so that by the time the ambulance arrived, the bleeding had almost stopped. 

fast-forward to my loving mother- and father-in-law meeting me at the hospital and keeping me calm as i got 7 needles in my leg to numb it for the stitches that were to come...and those needles were like FIRE shooting into me and burning my entire ankle. those little needles hurt worse than the shards of mirror that cut me, x 1000. it was ROUGH. 

13 stitches and a set of crutches later, and i was sent home with instructions not to put any weight on my injured leg, lest those carefully-sewn stitches be ripped out. (you never realize how much your ankle skin needs to stretch and flex until it's all stitched up and you aren't allowed to move your ankle!)

the at-a-standstill-slow part:

so then i laid at home for the next 4 days and watched too many episodes of game of thrones, read about king asa in 2 chronicles, did word searches, and scrolled/re-scrolled/re-re-scrolled through my instagram feed incessantly. 

my boss sent me flowers, the kids at the after school program where i also worked made me cards, my mom brought me a shower chair (no actually! it was so useful! even though it made me feel 90...) and dinner, my friends came to visit me at lunch with cards/color pages/books..and all their kindnesses are so appreciated. 

and now:

6 more days until my stitches will be taken out, unless there is an infection, so here's to praying that God kills all those narsty germs that aren't supposed to be in my healing wound! i'm back at work, answering phones and hobbling around with a little boot (that stabilizes my foot) and those crutches (those gosh dern crutches).

hopefully your week was a little more even-keeled, with less of a high-stress monday and a not-so-boring tuesday-wednesday-thursday!

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