backyard bridal shower

i am co-matron of honor for my sister-in-law christy's wedding, and today was her shower! my mother-in-law did most of the planning, with me and amber (my co-matron in crime) helping her out. and when i say me and amber, i mean mostly amber. all i did was plan the games.

what you see here is just a glimpse of all the hard work that went into making this magazine-ready shower, but i wanted to capture a few of the details to show just how amazing my mother-in-law (and amber!) are at planning a bridal shower. 

this candy bar was one of the three (three!!) party favors, and the glass dishes pictured were bought at a thrift store (and christy is using them for her wedding's table centerpieces!). talk about eco-friendly and cute, right? and one of christy's grandmothers hand-glued the lace onto all the burlap pouches!

amber painted and decorated the birdfeeder centerpieces, and she cleverly put the pens needed for the games in each centerpiece! the centerpieces were sitting on top of the "madlibs: bridal shower edition" that i designed, so people had something to do while they ate. the cupcake tier was filled with gourmet cupcakes, and sat next to another of the three party favors (pictured bottom left): mini watering cans containing flower seeds that can be planted! and lastly, the wishing well sign. on the party invites, people were encouraged to bring a household item or gadget--can opener, windex, etc.--so that christy has some of the things usually forgotten but definitely needed for her new house.

the pergola and porch swing that christy's dad BUILT for her and her fiance as a wedding present!

amber's husband and my husband collaboratively writing ridiculous advice to put in christy's "marriage advice" basket (not pictured because i couldn't get a good shot of it). spoiler alert: their advice involved continuing petty arguments for as many days as possible AND getting airtight underwear to seal in potentially toxic sleep farts. 

ah yes. the co-matrons of honor with our beautiful bride/sister-in-law. we only have two months left of being "hood girls," because then christy will be all MARRIED and whatnot and her last name will no longer be hood! and that ridiculous pile of ribbon on her head? carefully crafted with love from me as she opened her gifts. (meanwhile poor amber was scribbling away at what gift came from whom...seems to be a trend, i contribute the least/the most ridiculous haha). 

i'm so blessed to have married into a family where i instantly gained two sisters my age (ok, ok, amber and christy are a year older. but when you're in your twenties that hardly seems relevant!). they both love Jesus and spending time with them is always fun. i'm excited and honored to stand with christy on her wedding day.


  1. Looks so fun! Ahhh I want all of that candy right nowwww. That swing/pergola is ah.mazing! So thoughtful of you to co-host her shower; I'm sure she will remember it forever.

    1. i ate wayyy more of the candy than i will admit to ;) and isn't that swing set-up impressive? it's something i picture in your sweet country PA life :)

  2. yeah, especially when the weather cooperates! from your blogging about your friends' weddings i'm sure you've been to a few showers yourself :)

  3. Hah yep! I've been around the bridal shower block a time or two! Getting to have them outside is always super fun!

  4. that is SUCH a fun party! i just love all the details - great job planning!!!