first day of spring! {a day late}

happy first day of spriiiiiiiiing (yesterday). if you live in philly (or just PA and maybe even parts of new jersey?), you probably braved the long lines outside of rita's water ice, because on the first day of spring, it's free! 

my best friend, christie, and i went to one in olney (philly) but holy crap. you should have seen the crowd. you'd think these people were outside a box office handing out free season's passes to eagles games for the next 10 seasons. it was insane. 

there was no line. there was a throng of people, mostly high school and middle school students from the local public schools that just let out, actively pushing to get to the front of the line. christie and i waited an hour in line for that rita's (green apple flavor, just so you know this story has a happy ending). 

the things those kids were saying i can't repeat here. but suffice it to say they were turning explicit (homo)sexual actions into insults for when a friend pushed them in line. i wanted to turn around and be like, "you're twelve! how do you even know what that is?!" and just when christie and i got to the front of the line, four girls tried to sneakily get in front of us, not-so-sneakily whispering "don't make eye contact, we next.

i know this probably sounds like i'm whining about nothing. but it was rough!

it got me thinking. these are the kids i want to teach someday. these are the youth i want to have in my classroom, the kids i want to reach. but on minute number 40, i started thinking it would be alot easier to be in line in suburban jenkintown where people probably form a line and don't shove you and make repulsing sexual jokes...and it might be easier to just apply for teaching jobs outside the city, in districts where the seniors in high school drive their "old" 2010 model cars to school. 

but God doesn't call us to do what's easy. and i really think he's given me the passion (and the strength?) to teach in the city, so we'll see if i get hired there. but i'll definitely be applying. 

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