saturdays and sundays

this past weekend was pretty busy in the best of ways, because devin didn't have to work on saturday and it was 60-something degrees!

friday night (or date night, as you may know from following along), we went out for an inexpensive and delicious dinner at MaGerk's, a local pub/grill (bonus points for shopping local?). i love trying new restaurants, and this one had food besides your typical bar food (or maybe the crab bisque i got is standard for bars?). because the sun stays out for longer, we headed to a local state park. 

on saturday, i had breakfast with christie (trying to make the most out of her being home for spring break!), and it was so nice to sit and catch up with her for a few hours. afterwards, devin and i went for a sort-of hike (there was a well-worn trail, so does it still count?). as we walked, we had such deep conversation about our fears, what God is doing in us, and family, and it was so refreshing! not that we don't have really great conversations all the time, because we do and we love spending time together, but that hike was just like, yes, this is why we're married. you really get me. we ended up "hiking" (walking) for two hours, and in an effort to relax, we rented Frozen and it was soooo good! one of my favorite bloggers had been raving over it, and so we finally watched it. as relaxing as watching a movie was, we didn't want to sit inside and squander the fading daylight and sort-of warmth, so devin hung our never-before-used hammock in our backyard. 

after church on sunday, i went to see Arsenic and Old Lace with my sister-in-law and it was hysterical! i'd never seen it before, and i was laughing as hard as the 80-somethings that sat around us.

how was your weekend?


  1. LOVE arsenic and old lace - movie is just as funny. Glad the play was good - had seen that it was in town.

    1. there's a MOVIE of it?! definitely showing that someday in my future classroom. also making devin watch it asap...