celebrating friday

this is not a valentine's day post.
it's a friday date night post.

i had plan a (going away for the weekend), b (maggiano's downtown), and c (triumph brewing co. on chestnut street) but, thanks to the snow, we went with plan d, a local brewery over in chestnut hill.

i still laid out some valentine's-day-ish stuff that surprised him when he got home (sorry, i guess this is a valentine's day post?).

despite what i had laid out, we went a little more casual (since this outfit was more geared for plan b, a downtown italian dinner). but he did wear the cologne i picked out, which he bought on our honeymoon. so, he smelled like our honeymoon. it was perfect.  

dinner was amazinggg. their food is so good! we're kind of creepy people-watchers, so it was interesting to see who else goes out on valentine's day. and it was surprising! there were a few young families--a couple with a newborn in that baby-rocker-car-seat-thing (can you tell i don't have a kid? i don't know what that stuff is called), and a couple with a young child and a toddler...and while the one couple's toddler threw cheerios on the floor, i wanted to walk over and tell them i was impressed, like "good for you guys! going out with your kids and making a night of it!" one dad even had flowers delivered to his table for his wife. talk about cuuuuute. (but i warned you that we were creepers, right?)

after dinner, we went home and snuggled up to watch About Time, which you have to see. at one point, devin was laughing so hard that i had to shush him so i could hear what the actors were saying! it was about love and family, and it despite its hipster feel, it didn't have one of those crappy endings that we associate with independent films (like Jesse and Celeste Forever. have you seen it? you fall in love with this quirky couple and then the ending is
t e r r i b l e !!!). but anyway. it was such a perfect movie.

i love devin. i love his deep blue eyes, his heart for Jesus and his word, the way he tosses lettuce at my face during dinner because i told him that the lettuce on the table came from his plate (and not from mine)...he's great. and, like our premarital counselors reminded us in the months leading up to the wedding, i'm God's best for him. and he's God's best for me.

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