umm, how do you dress like a teacher?

i'm down in center city, in one of the city's best schools, and the teacher that i'm working with (for??) has been giving me one of her four classes to teach every day...but that's not the hard part. the hard part was learning four classes' worth of students' names. gone are the days of sarah and ashley and john and mike. now, if your name doesn't have a q or an x in it, then you don't belong here.

also the hard part is dressing like a teacher.

i've got some suuuuper flare dress pants and a really enthusiastic smile! but that's about it. how does one acquire teacherstyle when you can't wear jeans like every single teacher wears?! i was also unprepared for the other urban-hipster student teachers, who rock the lace tops and skinny mustard corduroy pants....while i'm over here with my extra baggy black dress pants. womp wompppp.

i've started a pinterest board (along with routinely hitting up local thrift stores).

you can check out the board {here}

more updates about student teaching to follow, including how some of my own lesson plans have gone :)

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