{right now}

  1. having power after three days of being powerless...thank you, PA ice storms!
  2. olympic snowboarding slopestyle and women's figure-skating (what i'm watching right now)
  3. comfy arcadia sweatshirts
  4. getting to watch my youngest sister, becky, do ballet with her dance therapy teacher today. seriously the cuuuutest thing ever. she plie-ed and sashay-ed and did a bunch of other ballet moves that i can't pronounce or spell, in her favorite purple tutu and a bun lisa did. her bright smile and hand-on-her-hip swaying to kidz bop 20-something were probably my favorite :)
  5. getting coffee with one of my oldest friends today, and chatting about memorial services, favorite books, madmen, and other nonsense. 
  6. catching the last few minutes of the arcadia-messiah basketball game with christie, even though i showed up wearing a gordon sweatshirt and i sat on the messiah side.......oops. 
  7. a delicious dinner with my supersexy husband (i can say that now, right? like it's not that weird because we've been married over a year?)

becky and her teacher

{things i'm thankful for right now.}

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