it's snowingggg (again)

happy snow day!

i traded my high heels and pencil skirt for yoga pants and flannel, thanks to the rain-turned-snow this morning. i'm student-teaching, and praise the lorrrrrrd that the philadelphia school district decided to cancel school. last time it snowed, they were all "let's have school and then have a 12:30 early dismissal so that everyone is leaving after the roads have become terrible." it took me 3 hours to do a 45-minute drive that day, but who's bitter? the snow today did throw off my being observed by a supervisor...but there will be other days to have someone judge my teaching ability/progress :)

also, my puppy jake is especially appreciative that it's packing snow, because it means we can play fetch with snowballs.


  1. YOU'RE CUTE!!!! and I can't believe you have a snow day today... it's snowing a ton here but Gordon's like whateverrrrrrrrr

    1. awwww you're sweet. and i heard NE is being inundated with snow....gordon's probably like "what do ya think this is, GEORGIA? we don't cancel stuff for a few flakes!" haha