a new year

new years resolutions are dumb, right? they're dumb. you shouldn't wait until january to decide that you want to connect with old friends or exercise so you don't have to squeeze yourself into jeans that make you muffin top at the waist. but, here i am, about to make three resolutions that i am going to make stick. because who doesn't like a fresh start? and that's what 2014 will be. 

i'm going to journal once a week. i used to write in my journal almost every day (something i started in first grade!), and i have almost my entire dating relationship with devin written down, including the nitty-gritty-est detail, like where our waiter was from when we went out to applebee's on our honeymoon (even though we were in maryland, he was from just outside of philadelphia! noteworthy detail? i sure thought so!). anyway, i've wandered from the habit of writing, to the point where i'm embarrassed to crack out my dusty journal and see the date on my most recent entry was two months ago...

i'm also going to read my Bible every day. you're probably like, wowwww you little heathen. but sometimes your days are busy and you mis-prioritize what is really important. so here's to making time with Jesus an unmissable part of every day. 

i'm also going to exercise for thirty minutes three times a week. that's a pretty low bar for trying to be fit, but it's winter and i'm about to student-teach when the next semester starts....so by aiming low, i'm hoping to stick to my workout plan. also i chose thirty minutes because i was in the doctor's office recently when there was an infomercial for "T 25," in which some extremely ripped black dude was promising that a 25 minute workout from home with this lifechanging workout DVD would make you stronger and healthier for only 3 payments of $39.95. ALSO also i played field hockey for two seasons in college and i actually miss "scrutins," our core strengthening circuit even though it was 100% torture at the time (GCFH you know what i'm talking about!). 

so. i'm going to write more. love Jesus more. and be less of the tastycake-fried-food-lazy-bones that i used to be. and, i'm going to graduate college. 

i'm thinking 2014 will be a pretty great year. 

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  1. hihihi Julie, this is German Sarah:) Guess what my goal is for this year? work out 3 times a week for 30 minutes :). well let's see, where it goes...
    un beso para tí :)!