in 5 years, where do you want to be?

recently, a single friend of mine was lamenting the lack of love interest in her life, but as we discussed God's uncanny knack for timing things perfectly, she brightly remarked, "who knows, in 5 years i could be married, and i'll look back at this and laugh at myself."

and that really got me thinking. in 5 years, where do i want to be in my faith? in my career? in my relationships? so i started a list, kind of like this weird list.

so. here we go.

1// i want to have taught high school english for a few years. i'm SO EXCITED to graduate next semester, because it means i can start down the road of making a difference in students' lives. it's a little bit nutty how pumped i am for things like a flipped classroom, social-emotional learning, designing the learning environment, and using creative writing all the time...and don't even get me started on urban, public school education. another soapbox/passion of mine.

2// i want to be a truer disciple. following Jesus is one wild adventure, and in 5 years i want to have grown to be more in tune with what his spirit is saying. instead of opening my big mouth with whatever pops into my head, i hope to hear that still, small voice even clearer so i can speak gentle truth. and i want to have a deeper understanding and excitement for his word!

3// *hopefully* our house will be finished!!

4// i will still be a relient k fan. this isn't really an aspiration, it's more of a statement of fact. in 5 years i will still be in love with relient k, or whatever ramshackle group of people stand behind matt thiessen on stage (because in 5 years those guys will be like....40.)

5// i hope to mayyyyybe have a kid or 2. although devin claims that having 3 kids would be perfect, i haven't stopped suggesting (jokingly?) that 6 or 7 sounds good. how else are we going to play family baseball or street hockey if there's only 5 of us?! and 7 kids will take a while, so within 5 years i should probably start on that goal ;) 

6// i would love to be a better pianist. i took lessons from 1st-12th grade, but since then, my skills haven't grown.......and may have slipped a little. i'd love to be more dexterous, more creative, and be better at reading sheet music 5 years from now.
7// 5 years from now i'll be 27. that's so crazy!

aaaaand this is a pretty random list, but whatever. 
what are some of your goals for the next 5 years?

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