the fall haps (part 1 & 2)

part 1:
my best friend and i (note correct subject usage, you're welcome, grammar assister! you know who you are!) enjoyed the glorious fall weather philadelphia's been giving us recently. no, it didn't include apple-picking or a hayride. but it did include being outside!

we ventured out to valley green, a nearby park with a beautiful name (valley + green? come one! isn't that such a simple, wonderful name? like a hippy child's name or something...) and we fed some wiiiiiiiild ducks. and geese, when we were feeling benevolent. all you need is bread and some sunshine, which is the recipe for fun, as cheaply as it comes.
moriah, trying really hard to pose with a canadian goose. 

did i mention we became friends in 5th grade? 

part 2:

devin and i also headed out for some free fun on a gorgeous, sunny sunday. we stalked some deer, devin climbed a huge/unclimbable tree (while i looked on going "please be careful! not to be annoying but like PLEASE! omg devin! DEVIN!"), and we relaxed on a rain-weathered picnic table, surrounded by brightly colored trees. 
we didn't get the best pictures, but the sun was setting. so i blame the weird light-angle. 

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