the vespers + david crowder

a few weeks ago at cairn university, my sister and i went to see david crowder (who we have seen in concert before) and some no-name opening act that we hoped would only play a few songs so david crowder could get his homeless-lookin' bearded self out there faster and play "how he loves" and "no one like you."

[typical sister selfie.] soon as the opening group finished their first song, we looked at each other and were like, "holy crap, these guys are good."

the opening band, a folksy collection of hipsters, proved to me that, even though i used to profess to "not appreciate" (aka despise) banjos/spoons/anything twangy in music, folk music is actually really good. alas, i have been corrected.

the vespers are two girls and two guys who are really down to earth and extremely musically talented. the whole time they were on stage, they were trading instruments back and forth, because each one played at least 3 different instruments--guitars, banjos, drums, bass guitars...and not only are they musically talented, but they are so funny! they wrote a song called "ain't got no friends" and their lead singer introduced it with, "y'all know those days when you don't get any texts, you don't get any notifications on facebook, instagram or twitter....and you're like, 'man, i got no friends'?" to which the timid audience quietly laughed, probably scared to admit that we do have those days...and the lead singer just shrugged, looked to her bandmates, and said, "well, guys, looks like we're the only ones" and with that, they jumped into a really comical/sarcastic (?) song about having no friends..........except Jesus :) in between another one of their songs, as they swapped instruments, they introduced themselves, and the two girls said they were homeschooled. they asked the audience, "who out here went to public school?" and there was a resounding "woooo" as all us public-school kids cheered. then, they asked, "who out here was homeschooled like us?" and a handful of people in the entire gym let out a proud whoop. the singers just laughed, and said, "so like 20 of you? y'all are probably all from the same family, too" and everyone laughed...

[we even got to meet the female half of the band after the show!]

david crowder, as usual, was super great, too. he even gave away his male beta fish "jennifer" to a member of the audience, and played "you are my sunshine" as a farewell to his fish. but he and his bearded bandmates (not part of the original "david crowder*band," but rather "crowder music") were expected to be good. i was was more surprised that this little-known nashville folk group was so incredible!

also. david crowder admitted during the concert that if he ever knocked on your front door holding your guitar, you'd probably be like "mom! there's a hobo with a guitar at the door!"

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