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my current reading list has strayed from michel de montaigne, william wordsworth, and thomas pinchon, which made appearances on my english courses' reading lists. instead, i've jumped into a lovely blend of middle school fiction and Jesus books (devotionals?). since i start student-teaching in 2 days (THAT'S SO SOON! AHHH!), i've been reading through the books i'll have to teach. 

esperanza rising, the first one i finished, is a really good, if you're prepared for a quick read on a historic period no one really talks about in american history. the main character (esperanza, in case your nancy drew skills didn't tell you that) goes from royalty in mexico to 

forgotten God, by francis chan, was borrowed from my sister, who went through that book in her senior high sunday school class. so far, it's been a really insightful challenge to desire more of the Holy Spirit in my life, and it addresses the fears and expectations we have when it comes to such a touchy subject. 

the secret life of bees, which i'm not quite finished yet, has been really intriguing so far. a young, white girl and her older, black housekeeper become fugitives of the law and come to reside with three sisters in the {even deeper} south who keep colonies of bees. the descriptions are beautifully worded, and the recently-abolished segregation laws make the setting even more interesting. 

the reason for God is what devin and i have just started with our senior high sunday school class that we're teaching. we only started today and only got through the introduction so far, but in spite of the extremely academic wordiness, i can tell it's gonna be good. {and another plus, the youth seemed really into it!} this will be a really rewarding time of examining doubts while giving us explanations for our belief in Christ...and tim keller's extremely complex writing won't hurt their SAT vocab scores. 

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