ikea, round 1

this is my best friend, moriah.
she wears awesome headbands and can lead you through the overwhelming adventure of going to ikea. for the first time.

i know, i'm super late to the game and everyone + their mother has been there and gotten delish swedish meatballs or froyo while they found funky patterned chairs and artsy ways to organize. but whatever.

we were there for...like 2 hours? and we didn't even jump on every bed and try out every chair and open every cabinet in the gorgeous model kitchens. (me posing in that white-cabineted kitchen is just me pretending that i do in fact have a chrome-applianced room to cook in that doesn't have a weird drop ceiling and pink tiles everywhere....)

hanging out at ikea "gave me alot of inspiration" (the nice way of saying "made me super jealous") for things to do in my house! even though the house is still a work in progress (i.e., we are missing a few floorboards in the process of restoring the original hardwood floors), a girl can dream, right? it might be a little early though for all the closet organizers and wall art and area rugs and eclectic decorations that i've already got picked out, thanks to our ikea trip :)

where do you get inspiration for how to decorate?
what's your favorite place to shop for house/apt/room stuff?

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