the office, minus michael scott. and jim.

oh hey there, guess which inconsistent blogger is done her summer classes? YEPPPPP. that's right. i finished taking mark twain fiction and literature of the 1960s, both during summer session numero uno, and you're right. that was not the best idea. summer classes are condensed enough without trying to take two of them and work 40 hours a week...needless to say, for the past seven weeks, i've constantly been behind on laundry and dishes. 

it also means that my office has gotten a little wild.........and by a little wild i mean it was piled high with random books, papers, and post-its on post-its (because i am convinced that the only way to read a book is by making notes in the margins, and for people like me who feel SO GUILTY writing in books, there's post-its). 

so, two days after my classes ended, i'm scurrying around, re-shelving and trashing all the junk that's piled up. and for those of you who proof of the mess (along with the finished product!):

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