be spontaneous

this week, devin got some pretty exciting news about his job (in a few weeks when it's made official i'll spill the beans with specifics).so, to celebrate, we decided we'd head to the beach!

he's been working 10 hour days (6am to 4:30 pm!) recently, so to take a day off to celebrate was especially amazing. we drove 2 hours to ocean city, new jersey, and then spent 4 hours laying out, throwing a football around, "reading" (devin read an unsolved crime book and i pretended to read huck finn for my summer class)...and it was heavenly. except the part where devin overthrew the football by like 10 miles and, like a gold retriever, i trotted to go get it and bring it back, only to have devin do the same thing again. and again. he takes after my exercise-imposing father, as they both will do anything to get their wives/families to do a little extra exercise. (seriously tho, my dad has parked really far away from our destination just so we can walk further. because it's "good for us." BUT ANYWAY.)

like any thrifty couple, we packed a cooler full of snacks and drinks and only spent $10 on wawa hoagies. that's right. we didn't spend a dime on the boardwalk, even though all that kohr's bros, mack n manco's, and funnel cake was pretty tempting. :) 

and can i just say that even if the weather is only 72 degrees you should still apply, reapply, and re-reapply sunscreen? i came back friiiiiiiiied, no thanks to my spf 30.

i've started making "second year of marriage" pretend-refusing to do fun stuff because we're in our second year of marriage and thus everything must go drastically downhill (obviously that's not true, i'm sure tons of you folks did fun stuff after your one year anniversary was long passed, but the movies/jokes of devin's middle-aged co-workers  make just the first year of marriage sound fun.) so, this unplanned, spur-of-the-moment beach trip is really just a drop in the bucket, since we will absolutely continue the pattern of going on adventures. and, it's part of the commitment i've made (to myself and devin and Jesus)--this relationship means doing awesome stuff together for the rest of your lives, because marriage isn't what the world makes it look like! it's not boring and a power-struggle and daily fights. it's spending time together, being best friends, and serving God as a team. 

so....the moral of this story is be spontaneous :)


  1. I love this post! We have tried being more spontaneous lately, too! It makes marriage so much more fun! It's great to get into a routine, but every so often, you just need to surprise yourself and try something new! I don't think I've ever regretted trying something new with Dalin. Thanks for this!

    1. haha you're welcome...but really i should be thanking you for all your inspirational married-people posts! :)

  2. so fun! i wish the ocean was that close to us! we would totally make a day out of it!