365 days of marriage

today is devin and my one year anniversary, and it's insanely mindblowingly crazyyy to think that a whole year has passed since the best day of our lives:

this year has seriously flown by, but we've packed alot into just one year! we went to maryland on our honeymoon, i turned 21, we started going to a new church, we went camping like 5 times, we visited my old college in massachusetts, we got a puppy, we read the Bible together almost every night, megan stayed with us for a few days, we founded the new hobby of fixing up trash-picked furniture, and 5 days ago devin turned 21...there's probably a ton more stuff that i just can't remember right now, but those are some of the highlights. 

and here's some of the year's memories in pictures:
i chopped off my super long hair in favor of a married haircut, one week after the wedding

one of our very first married camping trips that first summer together

us at a church picnic

off to one of our first friday night dates

on our way to dinner for my 21st birthday!

trying to pose with our new puppy who refused to sit still long enough to be photographed!

playing in the 3 inches of snow we got this year

at a wedding last month...

and that last picture was taken 2 days ago, at a family dinner in delaware. besides my hair getting longer, alot has changed between june 3 of last year and today. we love each other more (which i didn't think was possible), we're even better friends, and God has worked in our hearts to make us more like Him. i can't wait to see what God has in store for us in this next year of marriage!

(and we just got a funky bendable tripod for our camera, so next year there will be even less of our awkward trademark selfies.)