things to do before having kids

date night (sneak peak at our painted dining room!): 
is it wrong that i wore brown boots and black jeans...? 

this weekend when we were out to (an inexpensive) dinner, devin and i made a list of all the things we want to do before having kids. most of the things are mutual goals, but there are a few that are specific to one of us...

1. go to an island.
2. go to europe.
3. start teaching high school english (me)
4. finish working on our house
5. buy a rental property
6. spend a night in the drunk tank (devin)
7. learn how to juggle pumpkins (devin)
8. run a half-marathon (me)
9. have 10 more birthdays (devin)
10. work with youth (a.k.a. assistant youth leaders)

as you can probably tell, devin started getting a little tired of my hypotheticals and over-eager desire to plan our entire lives somewhere around item number 6 and 7. and i'm pretty sure he was also joking about number 9.

what are on your lists for the future?


  1. hahah! we made goal list the other day separately and then talked about them together. it was pretty fun. but we both keep saying the "have 10 more birthdays" i think it is a good one and we are so not ready to be parents yet (unless God says otherwise! )

    1. haha well at least you and your husband are both on the same page :) and i'm sure you'll have amazing adventures before that 10-birthday-or-God's-timing mark is up haha

  2. Haha made me laugh :) 10 more birthdays....and juggling pumpkins...all I know is that when it happens, I'm one of the first to know ;) <3

    1. yeah, obviously dev wasn't taking it very seriously...but YESSS: ideal plan is 1) you still live in the US, 2) i show up and tell you in person, and 3) we can be overly screechy and hyper together <3