flashback to last weekend

as i currently am inundated by final papers, final exams, and final conclusions that being an english major is too much writing, i like to think back to this past weekend. even though devin and i were pretty sick on sunday (throats so sore you can hardly talk), we had a pretty fun time. friday night date night was thrift shopping, on saturday i painted with my sisters-in-law, and sunday included an outdoor lunch (in an attempt to soak up the remedy of sunshine).

tulips picked from our yard before Jake had the chance to eat them (why would a dog even do that? not sure....)

why are these even a thing? enormous tighty-whiteys? and if you were  to buy skivs that big, would you really want them from a thrift store?!

i'm all, heyyyy guys check out my beautiful sistah's and oh, we just painted two whole rooms in an hour and a half!

lunch on a small wooden bridge over a creek

hallelujah, it's rainbows and sperrys season :)

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