national sibling day...if that's even a real thing

instagram tells me national sibling day was this week, so like a good little trend follower (ha, jokes) i figured i could use this as an excuse to brag about what awesome siblings (and siblings-in-law!) i have. 

i'm the oldest of four, so after me comes dan, who's 19, lisa at 15, and becky, who's 11.

when i got my license and my first car, i drove myself and dan to youth group every friday night. sometimes i'd pick up others, but the friday night drives with just him were the best--we'd get some solid bro-sis time, and he would be the dj(which means eclectic music was played. always.)

lisa, 6 years younger than me, used to be the kid who borrowed my doll house while i read nancy drew books on my bed. now, she's my best friend, even though she is better than me at the piano and can even play the guitar (my favorite worship instrument).

becky probably thinks i'm power-hungry, because i've always been a second mom to her (aka told her to wash her hands, no more tv, and lets-save-the-candy-for-after-dinner). but she's always been the best one to joke around with...she cracks me up, and while i'm laughing, she says "julie laff-ing" which makes her laugh too! she's got some special needs, but that really just means she's more special to me.

us at my dad's "teacher of the year" award ceremony thing...

the invite to our new year's eve party a few years ago. becky's silly face is the best!

and who can forget siblings-in-law?! devin has an awesome sister, christy, and a brother, erik, who married an amazing girl, by marrying devin i doubled my number of siblings :) 

us camping, back in 2011...were me-devin and erik-amber even engaged then?

attempted sisters-pic, photobombed by my LOVELY husband.

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