sunny with a high of sixty-five

[post title: a not-so-smooth reference to a relient k song]
today was absolutely beautiful, and since i had no laundry, dishes, or cleaning to do (which is a first!), i decided to head outside and play with jake. the puppy. who looks like he could eat you. because he's a giant. not because he is mean. 
(but seriously, remember when i was all "awww my new dog is so little!"?) 

anyway, although the trees aren't green yet, there are a few flowers and i didn't have to wear a jacket, so basically it felt like summer. 

the story behind this picture goes something like "hey, what if i threw a stick for him, just as the self-timer was about to go off?" and i nailed it on the first try. :)


  1. so fun! he is such a big dog! and i love that you have flowers blooming already where you are!!

    1. sorry it took so long to reply (still trying to figure all this out! haha) and yeah, the countdown for spring is finally over! i guess it's still a little chilly in CO?