top 10 things not to take for granted

also called, "top 10 things to get excited about."
and yes, this does have alot to do with what's going on in the life of a just-turned-20-years-old college girl. 

10. holding hands with the one you love: it feels like the last time i held devin's hand was junior year at a school play (maybe because that was the first time we held hands, and it nearly sent me into cardiac arrest because i was just that excited)...but it was really "just" 2 weeks ago. 

9. hot showers. last night, as i lathered and rinsed, i thought about how not everyone has access to clean, warm water. 

8. good weather. without it, college events like oktoberfest get cancelled and then your friend visiting from home gets the accurate impression that not much happens on this campus on weekends. 

7. mealpoints, so that you can elbow your way through hoards of freshmen to get a greasy slab of pizza and not have to buy food, plan meals, and cook your own food. 

6. a working else would i write papers blog?

5. pictures. someday, i'll give you a tour of my dorm and you'll understand. 

4. sincere smiles. you know when you make eye contact with someone on your way to class/dinner/your room, and you sort of know them, and they could do the awkward eye-aversion but when you glance their way since you know them and could squeak out a "oh hi!", they look your way and smile. really smile. 

3. writing letters to your best friend...

2. people who let you borrow their textbooks because you're too cheap to buy books for Spanish class, which you hate and never do the homework for anyway.  

and the #1 thing not to take for granted? great friends.
the roommate and i
me, annamegan
my suite

 i won't be with my college friends forever, which is a heartbreaking thought, even though graduation would eventually pull us in different directions. getting married will bring me back home, while you're all still making memories in massachusetts. i'll never take you for granted. promise. 

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  1. this is soo sweet! writing letters to your best friend is certainly something not to take for grantedd! I am so jealous that your blog is so cute!