best friends

my best friend from home, moriah, visited me at college this weekend, and so (logically enough) we went on two midnight donut runs, recorded 3 painfully embarrassing music videos to ke$ha, miley cyrus, and blink-182 songs, baked a cake, made icing from scratch, bought 2 energy drinks on sale, sat by the ocean and drank those monsters, and talked about everything in each others' lives that going to college 6 states apart has made us miss. 

in a concise, self-given description, i'd say that we're freakin' nuts, wild, random, funny, and pretty opposite. 
we became friends in 5th grade, and since then we've completed an impressive amount of ridiculous stuff, which we organized in a list of 29 things (don't worry, i'm only including the highlights):

-hack into each other's email accounts and email love letters to boys 

-put bullion cubes in shampoo and made [my brother] smell it 

-jump and lay on the Kachnycz's trampoline in the rain (Oh Yeah) 

-ran around Valley Forge Park throwing charcoal at each other and pretending we were in the magical land of Illyria

-sang Relient K songs at the top of our lungs on the way to retreats

-play truth or dare in a dusty old campsite and watch [our friend] dig poop out of a Portapotty (actually that was really gross) 

and now, to some photographical demonstration of the lengths of our friendship:

my 18th birthday cookout

the day we did a "jailbreak" to steal our friend from the confines of  being grounded.
and then we went to a park.

on the second round of New Orleans missions trippin'

getting me ready for a prom i went to, 2008

at an amusement park; 3/4 of our double date is represented in this picture

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