top 10 things to do this fall

in a frantic search through my wardrobe this afternoon in an attempt to find the 1 t-shirt i wanted to mail to a friend, i tore through my not-so-neatly packaged winter clothes that have yet to find their way onto hangers. (and by not-so-neatly packaged, i mean that they are in partially-ripped trashbags that weathered the long trip from my house to my dorm. oh yes, classy.)

but instead of longing for the tank tops and toe rings that dominate my summer, i got mildly excited to bundle up in a sweater, or to wear the fiance's ocean city sweatshirt...and it reminded me that fall is here (and that i need to buy more hangers for those sweaters). 

10. pick apples in an orchard.

(yes, this is me and my roommate)

9. paint a pumpkin.

8. drink apple cider, or eat an apple cider donut. or do both. at the same time.

7.  go on a hayride with your college friends and the girls on your floor.

6. make fall cookies.

5. make caramel apples.

4. go on a nature walk at sunset, and remind God what a spectacular job he did in creating it all.

3. have a leaf fight (reminiscent of that time i waged war on devin by shoving leaves down his ended badly. and i lost).

2. rake leaves with your dad, and, if you're 5 years old, make your dad into a "scarecrow" by stuffing his sweatshirt fulllllllll of leaves while he pretends to fight you and your wily siblings off.

and the #1 thing to do this fall? jump on every single crunchy leaf that is in your path, making sure to get adequate crrruuunnnchhh from each one. 

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