pretty ridiculous, as usual.

although this happened a couple of weeks ago when the fiance came to visit, i figured it was potentially humorous enough for you to read.

at a local pizza shop, the fiance  and i started joking around since it was just us in the restaurant, and in that time of silliness, devin ACTUALLY slapped me in the face with his turkey sandwich, which made me laugh and drove me to do what i did next. 
he went up to pay, and i grabbed the keys and our paper-plate-full of fries and took off out the door (that ended up scraping the back of my heel due to my haste, and let me tell you: that is NOT a fun place to scrape yourself. heels do NOT come with tons of extra skin to offer up to greedy, back-slammin doors). 
i jumped in the car and drove off slowly, as devin ran outta the shop and grabbed my bumper while trying to run behind the car. i then SPED up (to a whopping 25 mph) so he couldn't catch me....and in the rearview mirror i see him go from running his hardest in flip-flops to talking to a stopped car in the middle of the road... i circle back and IT IS A POLICE CAR THAT HAS STOPPED HIM. 
i pulled into the nearest parking lot and devin walked over to me, got in my car, and said the policeman wanted to make sure that devin wasn't harrassing me. THEN, THE POLICE CAR TURNED INTO THAT SAME PARKING LOT and through his window, he asked if devin was bothering me.
 i had to try and explain that we were "pretending to be mad" and that it really was totally fine. i think the guy believed me, especially when i took the plate of now-cold fries and offered him some. angry/abused people don't usually offer french fries in such a jovial way. 

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  1. your blog is so unique and creative! i wish I was this creative!