wedding plans

i tried to plan as much of my wedding as i could this summer, since i knew that i'd be spending the year away at college. 

i bought my wedding dress, after a 2-hour search at David's, a hopelessly terrible time at Alfred Angelo's, and  another fruitful trip to David's that ended with my picking out my absolutely favorite dress in the world.
i went on numerous (and successful!) trips with my bridesmaids to pick out their dresses, and even though it demonstrated how indecisive i am (i couldn't decide between 2 styles of floor-length dresses), it also proved how supportive and wonderful my friends are. not one of the 5 of them wanted to pressure me to pick their favorite, and they all said they'd be happy wearing either dress (although i did go on to pick the group favorite, which my soon-to-be mother-in-law deemed "the obvious choice"). 

i ordered my save-the-dates, and the fiance and i picked out invitations from Carlson Craft. 

we found a photographer (Vela Visuals) and dj and had our event booked at a local country club.

we took out engagement pictures (which i mentioned in my july writings). 

christy (my soon-to-be sister-in-law) and i picked out exactly which flowers we'll use for all of the decorations and bouquets, which we'll make ourselves. (the bouquets. not the flowers. i can't make a flower.)

so...we got alot done this summer. but the fiance and i still have to figure out the order of the ceremony (music, Bible readings, which of our two co-officiant Pastor Daves will do what), food for the reception (based on the list of options that our caterer has given us), transportation to the wedding site, when to have pictures done...

should we see each other before the wedding to take all the pictures for the sake of saving time between ceremony and reception? or should we save the "first look" for when i'm walking down the aisle?

what music should we use in the ceremony? we'll sing a worship song or two, but what about classical music before the wedding starts?

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