field hockey and fresh starts

my field hockey team is one of the my favorite parts of college, for more than just the drills we do at practice and the runs we do in the ungodly hours of the morning. this team does devotionals together each day, putting God first in what we do, on and off the turf. last year's team was special, as it was my first year playing for this college, and it was last year's team that brought me to meeting some of my very best friends. 

but with a new school year comes a new team, but this year's team is no exception to the new rule in my mind that my college's field hockey team will--no matter what--be amazing. 

this year's team is just as spectacular. 

a whole new group of us, working hard, for God's glory. 

new school year, new field hockey team... classes. 

i went from "call-home-and-gush-about-my-schedule" to "i'd-rather-not-have-to-do-work-so-lets-just-have-the-social-stuff-and-leave-the-classrooms-to-collect-dust" in the span of 1 day. although after a full second day of classes, my pendulum of emotion has settled somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. i have friends in my classes--which include a spanish class, 2 education classes, and 2 english classes--so that makes the doldrums of having to attend an intimidatingly hard class marginally better :)

but in case you were hoping for some new school year tips (beside my "what not to forget"  list), let me include this morsel of potentially unhelpful information:

college books are expensive (obvs), so use amazon, and sell your used books to (field hockey) freshmen. not the bookstore, which pays a generous 10% of the book's worth to your empty little wallet. 

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