top 10 things to remember to pack for college

with this list comes the confession of things i forgot that i wish i had remembered, but in the packing frenzy of stuffing my small car to the brim with all of my earthly possessions, i managed to leave behind some important items.

10.  ipod. what will you plug into your ihome as an alarm, or listen to on the bus to a field hockey away game?

9. toenail clippers. funny story tonight, me trying to use a nail file to sand down my toenails...took FOREVER.

8. sports bras, if you play a sport or want to work out. although in my defense, i lost them as i packed up my dorm last year. so either way...just don't forget/lose your sports bras unless you're willing to be on the hunt for neon-colored ones that just so happen to be on sale at target that week.

7. shower caddy.

6. recent pictures to decorate your dorm with. i have all of the pictures i used last year, but i want to put up new ones, like this:

5. the extra-hefty bottles of tresemme shampoo & conditioner that were mostly full...problem solved: buying aussie (which you prefer anyway, but the tresemme was on sale when you got it) at CVS.

4. lightbulbs left over from last year.

3. rainboots.


 and the #1 thing to remember to pack for college? your excited attitude for a new year.
 no, really. 
it's a new school year and some stuff is going to change. 
but God stays the same, and he'll get you through whatever crazy stuff happens in your new year of college. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! Well, I'm sure you have some amazing girlfriends who you'll be living with that will let you borrow what you need! And, you get printer points in Jenks so at least you don't have to buy one....but it's still annoying!! Wish I was back there with you. Miss you <3