just another tidbit of my outdoorsy summer

backpacking in the adirondacks, 
hiking in colorado, 
and camping in new jersey. 

does it seem to you like my summer is one huuuge adventure in the outdoors?

well, it's not. my camping experience this past weekend included hot showers 
(which weren't always appreciated when it was 100 degrees and humid outside and the blasting hot water just made me sweat more, i swear), grills, and cabins (which were especially necessary to avoid having fearless raccoons ransack your face in their attempt to devour our trash that was consequently hung from a nearby pole). 

the fiance, the fiance's older brother (erik) and his girlfriend (amber), the fiance's sister (christy), and me
went to a lakeside campsite in new jersey that was also extremely close to the ocean, 
so (logically enough) our activities included 
swimming in the calm-waves ocean at sea isle,
playing cards in the candlelight of our ingenious light fixtures (keep goin, you'll see those cute centerpieces we made with shabbat candles), 
having a raging canoe-war that involved flipping a canoe and stealing paddles, 
and relaxing in the tepid lakewater after a lunch of grilled hotdogs. 

me and amber, with erik doing his trademark creepster pose :)

dancing to the light of the candles, seen in the next picture

the whoole group  
warning: we're a little ridiculous sometimes

the campsite's lake

after tipping devin/erik's canoe, us girls had to paddle devin back to it so we could help him get the water out...

...but then he jumped in our canoe and rowed away...

...leaving us to get alll the water out of the crazy-heavy canoe. 

good times. :)

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