welcome to the safari

i never got those pictures from the fiance of our hiking a 14-er (mount sherman), so i'll just have to move on with my life and document my most recent adventure:


my church isn't one of those mega-churches that buys a curriculum for their vacation Bible school. and in fact, our youth group runs the vbs by first putting together their own curriculum for the week. this year, instead of our youth pastor overseeing the youth-led vbs, my best friend josh and i led the youth in 1 week of prep and then 1 week of an extreme, awesome, EPIC vbs :)

the whole group.

two counselors and some adorable kids.

my sister and her silliest jungly jaguar

me and one of my favorite kids

the 3-4 year old group:
the jungly jaguars.
craft time. which means feathers and glue will be stuck to the table for years to come.

the 6-8 year old group:
the leaping lemurs.
(and the treasure boxes they made before the safari scavenger hunt.)

the 8-9 year old group:
the happenin' hippos.
they're making their masks for the Noah skit later on.

josh and me, in our safari shirts that we decorated
(he obviously got a little more creative than i did with the whole color-your-shirt thing...)
for friday's teaching, we did an interactive skit where the kids helped "Noah" build his "ark."  


then, the kids put on the animal masks they made and entered the ark 2-by-2 before the "waters" rose up.

as you may (or may not) be able to tell, it was a great week of AMAZING fun (even when i was tired of telling kids to put their shoes back on...seriously? is no one else worried about foot/toe injuries but me?!) we sang alot of new worship songs, like "counting on God" by the desperation band, "happy day" by lincoln brewster, and "the happy song" which technically isn't a NEW song...but it was new to the kids. let me tell you, by the way, that 30 minutes of vbs worship is better than any field hockey workout, and i have the sweaty shirts to prove it.

each day's theme verse went alot with the story-of-the-day's main message...and none of us counselors ever had them memorized in time for the next day. ohhhhhh well.

even though i was completely exhausted at the end of each day, spending time with the youth and spunky little kids was completely ideal and makes me want to be a youth pastor's wife even more. (f that was possible.)

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