mis vacaciones

at long last, i have returned to bloggingly updating my summer, which may give the impression that i lazily ignored it for a while. but that's a vicious untruth.

after my family trip to colorado, i dove headfirst into co-leading the week of preparation for my church's vacation bible school (a 9:30-3 PM endeavor) and worked every evening after the VBS prep until 8PM.

so, pretty busy. i haven't even had time to talk to my roommate nor my best friend about their month-long trip to india (feel free to update me with the haps of that epic trip, guys!)

going back a week...to the 7 days spent in the most radioactive state (thank you, environmental science class)...we did alot of hiking (usually above 10,000 feet of altitude, which meant i could NEVER catch my breath), some swimming in a hot spring, and we even had a snowball fight on the 4th of july (my favorite holiday, even though we saw ZERO fire works this year. wah).

welcome, my friends, to colorado.

at the falls, which was another day hike.

ice caves. underground. did i mention that white stuff is ICE?!

about to go for a quad ride with the fiance and my sistah.

trying not to get the nitty gritty dirt blown in our faces by maintaining a ridiculously far following distance.

the view on our quad ride.

fastest speed: 21 mph

on a lunch hike.

the fiance and my sisters (notice how becky grabbed for his hand? ADORBS.)

don't worry. i'll add our most epochal hike (mount sherman...or sherbert... if you're my 10-year-old cousin) later this week, in between grabbing my safari shirt/binoculars and leading kiddies in the best jungle VBS they've ever been to. :)

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