an engagement picture

i'm writing from the upstairs loft of my aunt and uncle's
 colorado house, watching my sister, Lisa, 
play our younger cousin in an impressive game of 
as i wait to go out on the day's excursion that may or may not include a rock climb but definitely includes a trip into the adorable, small town that my aunt and uncle live on the outskirts of. 

just to catch up on some pre-vacation events, let me tell you that the fiance and i spent an hour in the sun, smiling lovingly and trying not to look too posed. 

more to follow. we're leaving now for the quaint shops of small-town colorado. :)

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  1. AHHHH! Can't wait to see the photos. I'm back in PA. Let's pick a time to get together soon!! We aren't too far away from each other. xoxoxoxo. Love you, beautiful!