dear grace.

i miss my friend who 
went to wawa with me, sat in the park with me, 
freaked out at bugs while i was there (i, however, did not partake in the tom-foolery), 
laughed through 11th-grade english with me, 
and encouraged me to be more like the Saviour i follow. 

she moved back to jordan. 
and so my morning suffered without her. 

an excerpt from a letter i sent her, mainly focused on all the travails of a friend that misses her world-traveling bestie (can i still use that word even though i'm not 11 anymore?):

 i really, really, really miss you. today, i didn't have work at all, and i would have spent it with you, except you are halfway around the world. so instead, i did not call up any of my other 2.7 friends (i'm just rounding, that number is approximate), but rather did intensive yard work that involved cutting down the upper half of an azalea bush and a pricker-thorny-overgrown-yet-nameless bush since they had been allowed to grow freely for who knows HOW long (but judging from their size, about 1039 years). i also pruned the raspberry bush we have that's been yielding an extensive "crop" (as my dad calls it, even though we live in a suburban-not-RURAL town!), but what most people probably dont know is that raspberry bushes have decisively angry thorns all over their branches and leaves so my rubber-palmed gloves came in handy (no pun intended....). 

that's a pretty good summation of my grace-less day. only the summation is good. not that fact that it was grace-less. other than my attemptedly great summary, the day was LAME because YOU aren't HEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE.

the glory days.
when you were only 5.7 miles away. 


  1. aw! you two will always be close to heart, don't forget that! true friendship knows no distance <3 xoxo I miss YOU!

  2. True Friendship really knows no distance <3 You'll stick closer than a brother ;) :P <3 Forever <3