i always

...want to wear flip-flops, even in the winter.

...read my Bible at night, not in the morning (which gives me time to reflect on how i did/didn't live my day for Him).

...get gas before my car's "gas tank" light goes on to signal that i'm running out.

...eat as many pretzels in one sitting as my stomach can handle.

...want to be outside in the sunshine.

...joke with my little sister Becky that she is only getting sauerkrout for dinner (which she never, ever does get as an entree since it's the freakiest , and her least favorite, foodever created).


...play the G-chord progression on the guitar (and when i need to change keys, i use a capo).

...hate driving on kelly drive, since it was designed after a twisting/turning go-kart maze and there's 2 lanes of opposing traffic always threatening to hit my precious corolla. i swear.

...sneeze when i look up at the sun.

...lose at golf (but even losing at chip and putt is fun when you play with your fiance and his parents on a
beautiful, sunny saturday morning at the country club).

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