top 10 "it's the little things in life"

for all of you who understand that sometimes in life, it's just the little things that matter. 

10. changing into your pajamas after you get back to your dorm after a formal event. 

9. waking up all warm and snug in bed, even if you do have to get up for an 8am midterm. (little shoutout to my morning today)

8. not wearing makeup and being able to rub your eyes. 

7. the look of a freshly vaccuumed carpet (although mallory and i haven't done this in a while...oops)

6. when a person hugs back tighter

5. friendly cashiers

4. parking your car at the same time as the song ends.

3. the smell of a campfire at field hockey practice as the sun sets

2. rapping an entire part of the song perfectly

and the #1 little thing in life that just makes you smile? staying up late talking to your fiance about your future. 

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