i'm not sure how people survive without sisters. 
my sister lisa, is 6 years younger than me, but she's wayyy more awesome than i could ever hope to be (exhibit a: the fact that when i was her age, i thought wearing bright orange shoes with an orange shirt was cool). 

reasons why we're friends:

because we are sticklers for punctuality (and watch out: if you're making the family late, we're feisty in full force) 

because she understands my sarcastic jokes

because summer nights are for staying up late talking on her bed until i fall asleep and then she has to push me off the edge to wake up and then i have to trudge back to her old room that is my room for the summer

because she has an excellent taste in music (and is a friggin beast at the guitar and the piano, wayyy better than my bragging rites of "oh-guys-look-i-can-play-4-chords-on-the-guitar!")

because she is the kindest, most generous, sincere, easy-going, and fun-est person to be around. 

back when we were awkward. and not best friends yet.

sorry lis, we'll get a good one now that your braces are off. i still love this one, tho,  since it's PROOF that i'm still taller than you, and since we're wearing the dresses we shopped for together. ;)

it's hard to be away at college when your sister's wardrobe sister is back at home, livin' life without you....

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  1. How sweet! I seriously do not know what I would do without my sisters! I was blessed with 3 built in best friends!
    Your blog is so cute!
    xo Steph