really speedy...

or just plain fast. 

i'm going to go a week without blogging, which i'm entitling a blogfast, and no, it doesn't refer to typing really fast on blogger which is what the new term sounds like. 

last week, i spent a ridiculous amount of time reading your really interesting posts and (although it may not look like it!) trying to update my little corner of the world wide web. however, i haven't done any spanish homework since the beginning of the semester, and i'm starting to fall behind in my english classes (too bad reading thoreau isn't as fun as reading the adorable love stories on all these creative, fancy schmancy blogs...). i'm going to accredit this lack of motivation to do schoolwork to my current state of transition. 

when you are counting down the days until you'll be married, it's a tiny bit difficult to make yourself go over the 5 uses of the passive voice in a foreign language. 

sidenote: devin and i bought a house last thursday. 
pictures to come this weekend!

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