traveling HOME to see our HOUSE

i saw my our house this weekend!

three bedrooms, garage, driveway, adorable neighborhood, a big backyard that leads to a creek
devin already got us a remote-controlled, electric fireplace and hung a picture from our vacation in colorado...but i'm getting ahead of myself. 

after a (WINNING) field hockey game on saturday, i ignored the threat of snow and took a bus back home to philadelphia. after 5 hours on the bus, i was still in connecticut, and the snow was piling up around the oversized bus. there was a disgusting amount of traffic since nobody thought to have plows and salt trucks ready for the deluge of white flakes (you'da thought this was freakin' georgia the way they were so unprepared for snow!), and it didn't help that for 2 hours, the bus was completely stopped on a "highway" that a tree fell across, making it impossible for cars to pass. once the tree got cleared, the bus went 5 mph (or slower) and got stuck on patches of ice every 10 minutes. have you ever seen a double-decker bus try to rock back and forth to get off of a patch of ice? it's even less fun to be in that bus as it goes from reverse to engine-revvingly forward. 

a 6 hour trip home took 13 hours. i got on the bus in boston at 4 PM and got into philly at 5AM in the morning. 
my dedicated, loving, exhausted fiance picked me up, and (after running straight to him, dropping my duffel bag on the sidewalk, and leaping into his arms) we drove to our house! i got the full tour of the house because after getting secretary's butt and cabin fever all at the same time on that wretched bus, i was dying to see the place we will live in 7 months. (7 MONTHS?! well, 7 months and 3 days). 

after sleeping for 4 hours, i went back to our house with devin and got to see the large backyard (perfect for frisbee, my dad insisted) that leads to a small creek. the rest of the day was spent giving my parents, 3 siblings, and all three sets of grandparents tours of our house (careful, these stairs are steeper than you'd think, like the sound of the doorbell?, they're going to expand the bathroom to about here...). devin's maternal grandparents and my only set of grandparents prayed for us as a couple in our living room before they left, and it made me so thankful to have family that has loved Jesus longer than we've been alive. 

taking the bus back to boston was sad, but knowing that devin and i can start working on our house on my thanksgiving/winter breaks burns away any tears that may have sprung to my eyes as i kissed my fiance goodbye. 


  1. i hope this is not disrespectful, but how can you and your fiance afford a house at your age?

  2. that's not disrespectful, it's a totally legit question! :) devin's been working full-time as an electrician for two years, after interning as an electrician for a local school district during our senior year of high school. he's been saving, and with the housing market at a low, a small house's mortgage payments are the same as an apartment's monthly rent would be.