Our Riley Kirsten // 12 Months

A whole year with Riley?! Just like that, SHE. IS. ONE. Here is Riley's birth story, (gah! newborn Riley! so little!), and here's Riley at 3 months, 6 months, and sort of around 9 months

She's in such a fun stage of crawling fast, pulling up on everything, trying to take her first steps (which hasn't happened yet). She babbles nonsense words but then has started saying "baby," "dada," and "YES" consistently. She's sturdy enough to hang with the big kids in their room as they play, and she's great at going up and down stairs on her own. 

(Oh and if you notice, the eye injury I mentioned here looks great even though you can still faintly see some bruising...just to warn you!)

She's wearing 12-18 month sizes and weighs 19 pounds, if someday I want to look back and see some hard and fast data points that are very important and matter in the longterm. Clearly. 

But it feels weird to have our last "first birthday" party. Our last baby is one. We feel great about life with 3 kids, but there's still a heavy "wow, this is it, the last ____" with each milestone. Stick around and you'll probably hear me whine about 'my last baby is starting kindergarten!' etc. 

On a much more positive note, here are Aiden, Emma, and Riley in their element: playing together, really excited to be all together, and not interested at all in looking at a camera all at the same time. 

What are you celebrating these days?

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