Christmas at the Hood House | 2020

Me, to myself: Don't let the Internet tell you that you need to spend a ton of money on Christmas decorations. 

Me, on the Internet: Here are my Christmas decorations!!

I'm adding my voice to the clamor of Here's Our Most Festive House Stuff, but really it's super ironic because the list of my "Christmas decorations" is this: 
--Christmas tree
--stockings, just recently hung that might still move to a different spot
--3 nativity sets my kids scatter EVERYWHERE
--tiny $5 Target dollar spot tree for my kids' room
--1 strand of outside Christmas lights


So why even document this?! 

Because I love to look back and see what our house looked like, how old the kids were when..., how things have changed from year to year. If you need a laugh, check out what our Christmas setup looked like in 2014

I spent naptime one day cleaning up around the living room (since that's the only room with the decorations!), and after naptime was over I invited the kids down for some selftimer pics so "PLEASE SAY CHEESE SO GRAMMY HAS A PICTURE OF US." This is the logic I use for most photo of my kids. It's for Grammy or Grandmom Hood! So, smile big! Look over there! At the camera! 

And of course, that lasted for 0.5 seconds. Aiden's fleecey flannel was "not feeling good on his skin" (??) and he did not want to be in any more pictures. And I respect that! He did show an interest in how the camera took the pictures, so I let showed him how to press the shutter button half-and all the way. And he took the pictures below! There were some artsy photos he snapped of Nativity angels face down on the ground and bright ribbons tied to Riley's swing, but there were also some really sweet things he captured:

What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations? 

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