An Afternoon Coffee Date

Right now it's sunny, warm, and I can hear the bird chirping through the window. This is another naptime blogging session, which feels like an indulgent luxury since there is so much I could/should be doing to our house as we prepare to move. Let's pretend you and I are having coffee or tea and finally catching up.

Devin and I have an appointment with a real estate agent next week, so this move thing is feeling REALLY real. We still have to paint the outside of our house and our whole downstairs before we list the house, plus Devin's going to stain/paint our stairs and put up a new railing. That's a lot left to do before we list it!! Yikes!

Last month was really rough personally, which I know is annoyingly vague but this is the Internet (or a pretend coffee date) and I'm just not sure how blunt I want to get. We'll see. That's the main reason I barely blogged last month! Despite March's really hard parts, I'm so excited for all that April brings. We're only 9 days in, but already Devin and I have had a blast: last weekend we did an overnight in Lancaster for the most fun wedding! I got to take some pictures for them and of their family, which was a joy. I'm obviouslyyyy no pro (which is what the pictures proved!) and it was just a favor to them, but there were some good ones! It was so fun to take pictures of such a beautiful place, so I'm including some of them here.

This warm weather is when mothering somehow becomes easier. Today Aiden climbed trees barefoot with a friend, and I just thought, "Yes, this is the LIFE." Being outside, letting the kids run free, playground playdates and spending all day's restorative, really. I already found a bathing suit for Aiden on super sale at an Old Navy outlet, and now he asks daily if we're going to the beach. I'm not mad. Let's talk about how beach season is coming, buddy.

That's about all I've got now!

Now it's your turn.

Share something in the comments that's new with you (and be as vague as you want, since I've set the precedent for that here ğŸ˜‰haha) and enjoy these photos of the beautiful day at the Lancaster wedding we went to. ğŸ˜Š 

Is it warm where you are? Does being outside re-energize you, too? 

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